Beaumont Nurses Surprise Magnet Surveyors

We all know that magnet designation is one of the most important achievements of any hospital in Nursing. Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak earned this distinction in 2004 and the nurses of this hospital participated in flash mob to give a surprise to Magnet surveyors. After watching this video we can just say that NURSES ROCK!!! […]

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The Role Of Certified Nurse Midwife

Indeed, CNMs, or Certified Nurse-Midwives, play an important part in women’s healthcare. CNMs provide specialized healthcare to women, through pregnancy and childbirth to menopause and beyond. Their duties typically include monitoring fetal development, managing acute and chronic illnesses, performing diagnostic tests and physical examinations, as well as counseling and educating patients. What are the patient’s […]

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The Future Of Nursing

There’s no question that the field of nursing has, historically, been dynamic and fast-paced. With recent anticipated changes to the healthcare system and recent legislation, the field is experiencing a significant change. It is projected that one-third of current RNs and LPNs will reach retirement age. What can this lead to? A loss of experiential […]

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10 Tips Nurses Need in Order to Succeed in the ICU

It’s a sleepy, ho-hum night in the ICU. Overhead lights are dimmed. Muted rhythmic beep•beep•beeps are soothingly heard in the background. Mesmerizing green heartbeats march evenly across the inky black digital screen at the nurses’ station. Suddenly, someone yells “I need help in here ! I’ve got V fib!!” Immediately, orchestrated chaos ensues. Lights blaze, several spontaneous “Oh, s**ts!” are […]

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