Anterolateral Ligament – New Discovery in Human Anatomy

Have a look to these picture of knee.

You will definitely able to find out newly discovered ligament by the two surgeons from University Hospitals Leuven from Belgium.

These duo found a new ligament in human knee which is not been known yet neither any anatomy text book has been taught that such ligament is exist in human body.

Dr. Johan Bellemans and Dr. Steven Claes has been researching on different knee injuries since last four years and especially paid attention to injuries of anterior cruciate ligament.

By taking help of an article dated back in 1879 which was talked about an additional ligament in knee which was unseen till the date, both surgeon found a fibrous tissue which connect femur to antero-lateral part of tibia. These tissue is named as Anterolateral Ligament. This antero lateral ligament is a new discovery. Both of them dissected countless cadavers and found that 97 percent of people and that tears to the ALL are connected to serious ACL injuries. This new research has been praised by the Anatomical Society as “very refreshing.”




News Source – Journal of Anatomy

Image Credit – University Hospitals Leuven

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Jacki Mallett - Mar 28, 2014

So Dr. Sachin, is this due to evolution? What is the role of this ligament?

    Dr. Sachin - Mar 28, 2014

    Thank Jacki for stopping by.

    Hmm…..yes,we can say that the ligament might be a part of evolution.

    But the thing is that; it is a very weak ligament and many of us who get ACL injured also end us with ALL tear.

    It is a soft fibrous tissue band which connects femur to tibia and gives stability to knee.

    Injury to this ligament is one of the reason of knee pain which remains un-diagnosed for years.

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