The History Of Nursing

‘Nursing’ is a profession that evolved through many years.

It is not something that just came in the picture within last few decades.

Many nurses have been worked hard to help NURSING profession become better and evolve.

Though over the years many policies changed, rules of practice transformed, but nursing always remained the profession of giving care and service to those people who are in need.

If we go far in the past, we can see that nurses of that era were never attended nursing school. Instead, they were the women who used to take care of sick & poor people. Many of them used to be nuns.

Nurses were the women who used to called into the work to help other women to give child birth. During the time of middle ages, nurses operated hospitals. Most of time these hospitals were affiliated by different religious organizations. In those hospitals, nurses used to provide comfort to the patients during their final hours.

During 17th to 19th centuries, this profession started growing rapidly as major world war occurred during the 18th & 19th centuries. Providing care to wounded soldiers was become a part of nurses work.

During the time of Crimean War; Florence Nightingale was served as a nurse to provide care to soldiers as well as she put good efforts to keep working area clean. Her efforts bring the good effect by reducing cases of infections.She got the nickname as ‘Lady With The Lamp’. She also wrote a book called as ‘Notes on Nursing’ providing the basic guidelines to other nurses. In 1860, she opened the first nursing school named as ‘Florence Nightingale School for Nurses’ in London.

During the American Civil War many nurses worked to provide care. Clara Barton come up with a humanitarian program in 1881, which was designed to provide care & other needs to those who were affected by such disaster. She served to those who were affected by Civil war after which she realized the need of volunteer co-operation that can able to provide cloths, food as well as shelter to those who suffers during such civil war or during other natural calamities. This is how RED CROSS were born. Clara Barton was founder of Red Cross and lead it for almost 20 years.

During end of 19th century education for nurses started taking new approach. Many nurses started working to change the policies & education in nursing school. Nursing is now evolving as something more than just giving care. It become core part of health care system. Nurses started to take care of patient as well started to talk about preventing diseases. They became active in Public Health Care system. Lillian Wald promoted the role of nurse in public health by giving care to those patient who were outside of the hospital and ER settings. Mary Breckinridge founded Frontier Nursing Service during 1925 to help out poor who were living through the rural part of US.

Major changes occurred during the 20th century. With other branches of science Medicine started to grow exponentially. Along with medicine; nursing evolved over the period. Many institute & organisation were designed to cope with challenges in nursing. American Nurse Association started dedicated journal for nurses which focuses on the new information for nurses including new research, tips in nursing field. The new courses has been put forth to provide students with detailed information about nursing and medicine. Student can now become licensed nurse & can get certification to be a registered nurse. ‘Nursing Program’ moved from hospitals to university and nurses started to get advanced degrees with more and more advanced knowledge. First Master degree in nursing was provided by Columbia while first Doctoral nursing program was offered by Case Western.

With advanced education nurses started playing greater roles in health care system by assisting and performing more critical procedures. Nursing further expanded in different specialized branches like trauma care, intensive medical care, pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, neonatal nursing and much more.

Nursing school helped nurses to think beyond their role of providing assistance to doctor’s. With advanced teaching nurses started to perform much difficult and life-saving procedures which the only doctor used to perform. Almost every time nurses help doctors to spot a difficult diagnosis by providing valuable data about the patient. Overall nursing is the field that is evolving with lighting speed and nurses started to play the role of back bone to health care system.

Nurses help society to prevent, manage and cure diseases. They don’t provide just physical help to patients to get better but provide emotional and moral support. Without nurse; society will be incomplete. That’s why we call them as the second mother.

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