Basic Tips To Help You On Evening & Night Shift Eating

First of all, it is better to understand that evening & night shifts increase ACIDITY and leads to gastritis.

So it is always better to eat the food that help reduce gastritis. Never forget to have a small portion of meal & eat something every three hours.

Have a good breakfast. Never ever try to skip a breakfast & have it early in the morning. Especially try to eat it in the first hour after waking up. This will boost your metabolism as well as help to reduce gastritis.

Once you complete your night shift, get fresh and have some food before you retire to your bed.

Once you get your shifts idea, plan your food according and bring some healthy snack to home. Get some fruits in the refrigerator so when you leave for work; you can take a fruit or some healthy snack along with you. Fruits will help you to increase your immunity.

While buying food items, try to get them with low sugar and low fats.

Prefer skimmed milk over full cream milk and get some low-fat cheese sticks.

Never forget to keep yourself hydrated, no matter in which shift you are working. A well-hydrated body is a good sign of health.

We all nurse have the bad habit of having coffee every few hours. Try to cut down intake of coffee.

Keep yourself well hydrated, well nourished, fresh and healthy. Get the help of yoga and meditation to reduce stress.

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