Is Nursing School Hard?


Is nursing school hard or is it easy?

Many forums and Q & A sites are flooded with this question.

Answering this question is real simple as well as a difficult task at the same time. It all depend on how you take it.

Nothing is impossible in this world, but many people fail to achieve something while other people conquer the same thing easily. So what makes them do those difficult things easy?

The answer is DETERMINATION, Avoiding procrastination, Self-motivation, taking things seriously, being disciplined.

I have gone through many forum threads that specially dedicated to answering this question and found many different answers. Whatever answer it may be, the points that we have given above was the basic theme of every answer.

It is important to understand that NURSING is not a business, it is a service to humanity. Whatever you will learn in school will affect some one’s life in future. There is no such thing called as HALF-NURSE. You can’t skip your study, clinical and get your degree. You have to have attentive during your school.

So the question still remains unanswered, does nursing school is so hard to survive?

Simply speaking answer is NO.

Nursing school is not hard neither a difficult task to complete but it is important to pay attention throughout as whatever you will learn will be really useful in your whole life and that will help you to save somebodies life in future.

Once you feel the satisfaction that you will get; when your patient gets cured, nothing will stop you from becoming a nurse.

If you study with the right determination and concentrate on your study then passing through the nursing school is not a big deal.

Many nurses find it difficult to manage school, home, work and relations at a time. But if you have clear focus then things become easy.

Here are few tips for you if you are struggling to get through the nursing school or planning to become a nurse.

Be Determined – Once you get in nursing school, your determination should be to study hard to understand each aspect of the human body and to learn medicine as much as you can.

If you are determined enough, things will become smooth. Understand what you going to learn and make possible efforts to attend every class as well as pay close attention to clinical’s.

Avoid Procrastination – Yes, avoiding procrastination is the basic formula to become successful, not only in nursing school but in all other fields.

Never keeps your study pending. Read every day. Make a group of nursing students and discuss what you all learn in the whole day among yourself. Discussion among the study groups helps to understand things faster than just reading them.

Write your own notes. Complete your work of the day and then relax.

Self-Motivation – This is something that you need to develop by yourself. Self-motivation doesn’t come suddenly. You need to be in love with what you do every day to get self-motivated.

Self-motivation will boost your performance.

Take Things Seriously – Nursing is not something that can be done in part time. Whatever time you spend in nursing school, you have to be highly focused.

If you don’t take the nursing study seriously you will fail to become a good nurse in future. Study hard and take things seriously to learn new things in nursing.

Be Disciplined – Yes, this is also an important factor to become nursing easy. Nursing school will demand you to wake up early in the morning. If you are not ‘an early to wake up’ person, it is better to get this habit.

Make a habit of studying 2 to 3 hours per day. It will help you to keep yourself updated. Never plan to study only on a day before of test.

Keep a day of the week to hang out with friends (if you are married, spend time with family and kids). Especially when you get off from school; hang with your friends. Go to the movie; rejuvenated yourself.

Hope this info satisfied your question to find out how hard a nursing school can be.

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