A Case That Turns iPhone into Stethoscope

Now days technology is making things more easy and effortless.

Best example of this is an iPhone case that can be turned into a full fledged stethoscope.

Yes, its true that an iPhone case can work as a stethoscope.

Many of you not even heard the name of a high school student ‘Suman Mulumudi’ who turned ordinary case of iPhone into a stethoscope.

Suman Mulumudi, when got his hand on the 3D printer; he wanted to make a best iPhone case but he wanted it to be more special and different from whatever you get in market.

Later he came up with such unique and really useful case which can be used as stethoscope by health care providers.

This iPhone case is termed as IO (we can call it as stethoscope IO). It is a smartphone assisted stethoscope. What we need to do is to slot an iPhone into this IO case and it can convert your iPhone into a stethoscope.

This specialized iphone case have diaphragm on the back which capture sound with low frequency. This captured sound then channeled to a microphone via a network of small tubes.

This device can record heart sound and it can also visualize heart beats.  After many attempts Suman able to build a perfect stethoscope from an iphone case and established his own company named as Stratoscientific. He also submitted his invention to FDA for their approval. What more surprising is that Suman is a 15 year old genius (or a kid?)


Website of his company ‘StratoScientific‘ mentioned that this device can able to record heart sound and other related data which can be used on other electronic medical devices. This will enhance ability of paramedics to diagnose any heart related problem as this device can facilitate ‘telemedicine’.

How does he got an idea to build such device?

Suman published his story on MakerBot’s site. His father is a cardiologist and that where he got an idea. It tooks almost two week for him to build a first prototype. According to his website this device can help to see & hear heart as well as lung sound, help to diagnose murmur, help reduce unnecessary ECG. There is no any information available yet on when this stthoscope will be available in the market to buy or who will have access to it.

But this is great invention as it will help many patient to get there heart problem diagnosed as soon as possible; just record the heart data and send to the doctor.


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