Cranial Nerves Mnemonic – Easy Way To Remember 12 Cranial Nerves


The nerves that rooted directly from the brain or brainstem are called as cranial nerves.

These nerves are the combination of sensory and motor nerves and mostly innervate organs in the neck and head region.

There are typically 12 pairs of cranial nerves and named as per their function.

Many medical, nursing & paramedic students, face difficulty in remembering the cranial nerves.

Cranial nerves mnemonic comes handy is such situation.

If you are one of them, who could not able to recall all the cranial nerves then our collection of Cranial nerves mnemonic might help you out.

Nerves in the human body have been divided into two parts named as CRANIAL & SPINAL nerves.

Spinal nerves originate from the different part spinal cord while cranial nerves directly emerge from brain & brain stem.

Cranial nerves are always present in the pair and human have such 12 pairs of cranial nerves. Though Gustav Fritsch discovered CRANIAL NERVE ZERO in the brain of sharks, later it is also found in the human brain but its presences are still controversial.

Many functions of the human body depend on these 12 cranial nerves out of which few are SENSORY, few are MOTOR and few are both means SENSORY-MOTOR nerves.

First and second cranial nerves pair originates from cerebrum and other ten nerves emerge from the brain stem.

Cranial nerves are assigned Roman numbers and as follows –



Here is good video created by Nurse Nacole that will guide you through some easy process to remember these cranial nerves.

Cranial Nerves Mnemonics –
There are many mnemonics that will assist you to memories cranial nerves, we have curated most of them that can be found on the web and enlisted it in a text file which you can download at the top of this post! Please note that the some are NSFW means Not Suitable For Workplace 😉

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Rhonda Hammond - Jun 29, 2015

When a friend & I were learning the 12 cranial nerves at the Medical University of SC-College of Pharmacy, we came up with one mnemonic that was quite dirty! I did graduate in 1985, so maybe the computers, etc. have kinda cleaned up their acts since we were “crazy” back then! 🙂

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