15 Basic Tools That Every New Nurse Should Have in Nursing Bag


Nurses need many tools to accomplish their job effectively.

If you are about to join hospital as a new nurse & wandering which things you need to carry with yourself then here is the list of basic tools that will give you an idea


A must have tool not only for nurses but for every healthcare provider. There are stethoscope’s with different varieties like cardiology stethoscope, pediatric stethoscopes, basic stethoscope etc.

Most of the time nurses need basic stethoscope but variety may differ if you are working on pediatric or cardiology department.

Now days stethoscope also comes as disposable. You need to find out which type of stethoscope is suitable for you; before you spend money on any stethoscope. If you are not sure about which stethoscope should you buy check out this useful resource  & our article that help to pick up a good stethoscope.

BP Apparatus & Thermometer

Taking blood pressure of a patient is the most important work that every nurse perform. So it is better to have a basic sphegnomanometer aka BP Apparatus in your nursing bag.

Make sure you get a good BP apparatus which is small in size(to fit in nursing bag) and pretty accurate. Digital blood pressure device also available in market & they are more convenient. If your hospital allows you to use one; you can buy it.

Thermometer is essential too.

Paper, Pen & Pad

Paper, Pen, Notebook and Pad are the few more must have tools that nurses should carry. Many time we need to calculate pediatric dose of drug or require to keep record of patients evaluations.

Bandage Scissor, Micropore Medical Tape, Penlight

Micropore medical tape is most used tool by nurses. You should carry it in your scrubs pockets. Penlight & bandage scissor also useful.


Torniquet is nurse best friend.

It is a must have tool in every nursing bag. If you need to put on an IV then torniquet is must.

Mask & Gloves

Couple of disposable mask and hand gloves should be a part of nursing bag.


There are several pocket books available for nurses. Just find out which is best for you and have one in nursing bag.  They will help you calculate drug dose and will keep you updated on guidelines to take care of patients.

Hand Sanitizer 

Though your hospital will provide one, it is better to have a bottle of hand sanitizer in nursing bag. It will keep you away from infection.

Those who have problem of dry skin can also include moisturizer lotion to prevent excessive dryness.

Wrist Watch

Not a part of nursing bag but every nurse should wear watch.

It helps to keep you on track as well as can assist you while taking pulse rate of patient.

These are the few useful tools that every new nurse or nursing student should carry in their nursing bag. Though there are many other equipment that you need to have with you, it is all depend upon you and the hospital you are working for.

Here is one useful video from Nurse Nacole that discuss the same thing –

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