Z Track Method For IM Injections

Meaning –

It is the method of administering the medicine into the deep, large muscles of body that prevent the leakage of drug substance into subcutaneous tissue

It is named as z track because the way of injection or needle form track of z, that’s why it is named as z-track method of injection

Use and purpose of z track method –

1. It is less painful than intramuscular injection

2. The drugs that cause discoloration of skin can be prevented by this method of injection.

3. It causes less irritation of tissue

Procedure for z track method –

1. Prepare and educate patient for z track method

2. Usually, large muscle was taken into consideration like buttock muscles.

3 . Provide Privacy to patient.

4. Use the proper size of a needle as per the thumb rule.

5. Prepare site of injection by cleaning it with antiseptic spirit swab.

6. Put gloves on hand before injecting the medicine.

7 . Insert the needle in 90-degree angle at the point of injection & inject the medicine deep into the appropriate site.

8. Once the needle reaches the desirable point, aspirate the syringe to verify that there is no blood comes out into the syringe.

9. If blood comes, remove the needle then go for the correct and actual site.

10. If everything is alright i.e. no blood on aspiration, then inject medicine slowly into the muscle.

11. Remove the needle by sliding the planes across each other that will create z path and also prevent medicine to go under subcutaneous tissue as in the figure.

11. Do not massage the injection site as it may cause leakage of drug substance into subcutaneous layer.

12. Discard the needle after use and remove gloves.

13 . The tissue is pulled downward of the midline of a body during the time of injection when tissue is released it will make z path.

Precautions & Side effects –

1. Use proper techniques during injection otherwise medicine may enter the underneath part of the subcutaneous tissue.
2.  Once medicine injected in subcutaneous tissue then it will cause staining of the skin may be permanent staining.
3. The wrong method of injection may cause pain and irritation of tissue.
4. Aspiration of the syringe should be done carefully if blood comes out remove needle.

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