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Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews is a healthy living blogger with a passion for productivity and motivation. You can read more of her Nursing Feed posts by following her on Google+ and Twitter, or you can check out her site, ProductivityTheory.com for more posts!


What Nurses can do to Help Hospitalized Children

By Kayla Matthews

  Working with younger patients, especially little kids, can be an exceptionally rewarding experience for nurses. It’s not without its challenges, however. Children have notoriously short attention spans, and they tend not to understand what’s going on, so they ask a million questions and they constantly want an ear. For those reasons, nurses sometimes end […]


Relationship Advice for Nurses Dating Nurses

By Kayla Matthews

  Any relationship in which at least one partner works will face challenges. Relationships where both partners work may grapple with even more. But what happens when you work in the same field—perhaps even in the same office or facility? Nurses and medical professionals who are in a relationship have their own set of challenges […]


Best Lunch Break Activities for Nurses

By Kayla Matthews

  Lunch may be the one point during your work day that you actually have a chance to step back and breathe for a moment. Then again, you may be one of the many who have taken up the terrible habit of working through lunch. Whether you want to take those few precious minutes to […]


How to Manage the Stress of Working in a Hospital

By Kayla Matthews

Regardless of which area of the hospital you call home, being a nurse in such a large healthcare facility comes with an enormous amount of stress. From watching a patient decline into death and being unable to do anything to prevent it, to mastering new technology, this isn’t a job for the faint of heart. […]


How to Be Productive When You Work the Late Shift

By Kayla Matthews

Nursing is a tough job. Long shifts and busy schedules lead to workweeks as exhaustingly long as 100 hours. It’s often thankless work, helping people who are weak, sick, upset or confused. It’s high-pressure and sometimes frantic, because people’s lives are literally in your hands. Then, there are the stresses that uniquely accompany third shift, […]


Immune System Boosting Tips to Keep You Healthy

By Kayla Matthews

The nursing world is full of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other potentially harmful things that enter the body and keep the immune system busy. Amazingly, the system can recognize these nasty outsiders and fight them off. Sometimes, though, your immune system takes longer to battle diseases, and sometimes it fails altogether. It’s not perfect, as […]