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Dr. Narendra

Narendra is a practicing doctor from India and has a passion for teaching. He loves to write and help others to understand the subject better with his influencing communication skill.


Leopold Maneuver – Step by Step Guide To Perform Leopold Maneuver

By Dr. Narendra

Leopold Maneuver is an important procedure, that every nurse should be well versed with. Definition of Leopold maneuvers – It is a commonly used procedure to know the position of a fetus inside the uterus. It will also help to find out the presentation and engagement of fetus Why it called as Leopold’s maneuver Because […]


Z Track Method For IM Injections

By Dr. Narendra

Meaning – It is the method of administering the medicine into the deep, large muscles of body that prevent the leakage of drug substance into subcutaneous tissue It is named as z track because the way of injection or needle form track of z, that’s why it is named as z-track method of injection Use […]


Continuous Bladder Irrigation

By Dr. Narendra

Definition – Continuous bladder irrigation is a procedure which consist continuous flow or infusion of the sterile solution into the bladder by the specially made catheter, which is also known as triple way catheter. Triple lumen catheter is specially designed catheter for this type of procedure. As the name suggest, this catheter comes with three […]


IM Injection Sites – Complete List Of Intramuscular Injection Sites

By Dr. Narendra

  There are plenty of ways to administer medicine within human body. IM injections are one of the most famous & commonly used ways of administering medicine by health care industry. IM injections in being practised since long time. What is an intra-muscular injection? Medicine that we push (or shoot) into muscle mass is known […]