How to Be Productive When You Work the Late Shift

Nursing is a tough job. Long shifts and busy schedules lead to workweeks as exhaustingly long as 100 hours. It’s often thankless work, helping people who are weak, sick, upset or confused. It’s high-pressure and sometimes frantic, because people’s lives are literally in your hands. Then, there are the stresses that uniquely accompany third shift, […]

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Immune System Boosting Tips to Keep You Healthy

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The nursing world is full of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other potentially harmful things that enter the body and keep the immune system busy. Amazingly, the system can recognize these nasty outsiders and fight them off. Sometimes, though, your immune system takes longer to battle diseases, and sometimes it fails altogether. It’s not perfect, as […]

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A Case That Turns iPhone into Stethoscope

Now days technology is making things more easy and effortless. Best example of this is an iPhone case that can be turned into a full fledged stethoscope. Yes, its true that an iPhone case can work as a stethoscope. Many of you not even heard the name of a high school student ‘Suman Mulumudi’ who […]

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Is Nursing School Hard?

  Is nursing school hard or is it easy? Many forums and Q & A sites are flooded with this question. Answering this question is real simple as well as a difficult task at the same time. It all depend on how you take it. Nothing is impossible in this world, but many people fail […]

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10 Signs That You Are In a Nursing School

1. Your started loving COFFEE more than ever before! Coffee is something that help me stay fresh……I just love it. Nothing can replace a cup of coffee when you are on the floor.   2.  Hand Sanitizer is now your best friend.   3. Your reaction when your non-medico friends expect in detail answer for […]

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The History Of Nursing

‘Nursing’ is a profession that evolved through many years. It is not something that just came in the picture within last few decades. Many nurses have been worked hard to help NURSING profession become better and evolve. Though over the years many policies changed, rules of practice transformed, but nursing always remained the profession of […]

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